2014 Winners

NSW Regional Media Awards Winners 2014

PRINT/TEXT News Report

  • Michael McGowan and Donna Page, Newcastle Herald, Bruce Almighty

PHOTOGRAPHY   in News, Feature or Sport

  • Adam Hourigan, The Daily Examiner, Images From The Daily Examiner

TELEVISION/AUDIO-VISUAL News and Current Affairs

  • Jackson Vernon, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Not a miner issue

RADIO/AUDIO   News and Current Affairs

  • William Verity, ABC - Radio National, Police, suicide and post-traumatic stress

ALL MEDIA Broadcast Camerawork         

  • Rod Smith, Prime Television, Bentley CSG

ALL MEDIA Sports Journalism    

  • RobertDillon, Newcastle Herald, Bye bye, Bogainaire

ALL MEDIA Commentary, Analysis, Opinion and Critique             

  • Robert Dillon, Newcastle Herald, The season from hell

ALL MEDIA Feature/Documentary          

  • Rosemarie Milsom, Fairfax Media - Newcastle Herald, True Grit

ALL MEDIA Investigative Journalism

  • Donna Page , Darren Pateman and Matt Carr, Newcastle Herald, They call this conservation

PRINT/TEXT The Tom Barrass Memorial Award for Regional Journalism

  • Jennifer Cowley, Panscott Media - Dubbo Weekender, Call of Duty - 1&2

MAJOR AWARD The PF Adams Young Journalist of the Year

  • Michael McGowan, Newcastle Herald, Port Stephens political reporting

MAJOR AWARD 2014 Journalist of the Year

  • Donna Page , Newcastle Herald