Finalists 2011

Congratulations to the finalists of the 2011 Prodis

The Northern NSW Journalism Awards are proudly supported by

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  • Ava Benny-Morrison

The Northern Star:   “The Highway's Hidden Toll”

  • Cath Bowen  

The Maitland Mercury: “Steph's Fatal Error”

  • Alison Branley          

Newcastle Herald:    “Schools in the City”

  • Matt Carr       

Newcastle Herald:    “Police Wagon Roll Risk”

  • Robert  Chappel       

The Northern Daily Leader:  “ Biting the Dust “

  • Peter Clark   

Cumberland Newspapers/Central Coast Express Advocate:   “Bail Out”

  • Catherine Clifford  

ABC Radio:  "Solar Guerrillas Drop Grenade in Coalition's Trench"

  • David  Coleman       

Newcastle Newspapers: “The White Knight”

  • Tim Connell   

Fairfax: “Taylor's Twist”

  • Jay Cronan

The Northern Star:   “Last Salute to Vietnam War Mate” and “Waving the White Flag?”

  • Damon Cronshaw    

Newcastle Herald:    “Toxic Legacy “

  • Alexander Easton    

The Northern Star:   “Big Ideas Series/Lismore Base Hospital Stage Three Campaign”

  • Jill Emberson

1233 ABC Newcastle :  "Refugee Neglect Exposed in the Hunter "

  • Dominic Feain          

The Northern Star:   “Wikileaks Founder's Lismore Roots”

  • James Gardiner        

Newcastle Herald:    “Becks Jets In” and “Battle for the Kingdom “

  • Phillip  Hearne          

Newcastle Herald:  “Drawing Class -Art “

  • Aaron  Kearney         

Maitland Mercury: “The Fight of Your Life”

  • Aaron  Kearney         

The Drum/The Roar: “Opinion Writing”

  • Aaron Kearney

ABC Radio:  "When Everything Changes In An Instant - Andrew's Journey"

  • David  Leser 

Australian Consolidated Press: “Make Love, Not War ... Unless You're My Daughter”

  • Paul Lobb

NBN Television: “Newcastle Airshow Feature “

  • Mel McMillan 

The Northern Star:  “Baby Health Crisis: Gastroschisis in the Northern Rivers”

  • Beth McMullen

ABC Radio: "Regions Sleeping Rough: Youth Homelessness Outside the Cities"

  • Ryan Osland

Newcastle Herald:    “Ballroom Dancers”

  • Sam Rigney  

Fairfax Media:  “United Front”

  • Anna-Lise Rosendahl          

 NBN Television:  “Far North Coast Flood Wrap –The January Deluge”

  • Stephen Ryan           

Newcastle Herald:  “Not Another Peep”

  • Anthony Scully          

ABC Online: “ABC Open Series on Rural Life in the Hunter”

  • Troy Snook   

Cumberland Courier Newspapers : “Heroes and Heartache” and “Alligator Egg Nest Raid “

  • Giselle Wakatama

1233 ABC Newcastle: “Horror Limbs”,  “Boil Over “and "Anglican Scandal"

  • Nat Wallace  

NBN News:    “Pong Geek”                       

  • ABC North Coast Team                 

ABC North Coast:  “Lennox Head Tornados”